Technologies in our products:

  • Modacryl/Poliacrylat

    Innovative fiber with non-combustible and antibacterial qualities. His self-draining properties allow to use it in products for special services, as well as everyday clothes for demanding customers.

  • Aramid

    So far one of the most durable fiber used in textile products. Due to its characteristics such as non-flammability is well suited to the production of, among others, protective layers in clothing for firefighters, pilots, racing drivers and astronauts.

  • Fluorocarbone

    It gives better protective properties such as water resistance, oil repellency also it gives the fabric "pleasant" feeling.

  • Glue lamination HOTMELT

    Allows to put together knitted fabrics and also knitted fabrics with membranes to achieve high performance vapor permeability and water resistance. The company offers two-and three-laminates with PU PES, PTFE, PTFE / PU membranes.

  • Nanotechnology

    In cooperation with the major foreign companies, Q55 offers a innovative way of application special minerals. These products contribute to a better functioning of the human body, increase its efficiency during exercise and accelerate its recovery after any physical activity.


    COOLMAX® is a polyester yarn which, thanks to its special properties, has been used primarily in sportswear, providing the user with thermal comfort during exercise.


    By using a special finishing for fabrics and knitted fabrics Q55 can get permanently flame retardant fabrics. Thanks to that we can give maximum safety for everyone who every day is in contact with very high temperatures or fire. Also we produce fabrics from yarns which are themselves already non-flammable, such as the aramids. Then it is unnecessary to apply additional flame retardant.

  • Increased visibility ISO 204711 (EN471)

    We offer Ripstop - type fabric in red colour for protective clothing that meets the requirements of increased visibility, dedicated for Emergency Medical Services. We also knit t-shirts ensures lasting feeling of dryness during use, consistent with ISO 204711 (EN471).

  • Antistatic

    Because of steel or carbon threads we get electrostatically dissipative materials. They suits perfectly in all places where there is a requirement of protection against electrostatic discharge.